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What others say about archivebate.

What does Archivebate sound like to you, pal? The name gave me an impression of tons of goodies to start wiggling my dick at. Before I even saw the site and heard its name first, I was curious about what Archivebate is about to offer. The word archive is empowering. I imagine shelves of all erotic desires. With the popular tag for masturbation, “bate” is also a drooling catch. Archivebate, perhaps, is an immense glossary of self-stimulating flicks and images.

Archivebate sounds like it could be a librarian's preferred method of self-pleasure, at least if we're taking the name at face value. Of course, we live in the golden age of internet pornography, and it shouldn't be all too difficult for regular consumers of the stuff to see what these guys are really getting at with the title. The “bate” in the name here isn't a generic reference to masturbation, though you can definitely do plenty of whacking off while you peruse the titular archive. Nah, that bate's a nod to Chaturbate, one of a handful of the sources from which this masturbatory library is stocking their sticky shelves